Steven M. Minaglia, MD, MBA, FACS, FACOG

Urogynecology - Pelvic Reconstructive Surgery

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What is a urogynecologist?

A urogynecologist is an obstetrician/gynecologist who specializes in the care of women with pelvic floor disorders. This field of medicine is also known as Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Steven Minaglia is certified by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABOG) in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery. Dr. Minaglia has also completed a 3-year, ABOG-accredited fellowship prior to certification in the subspecialty.

The pelvic floor is the muscles, ligaments, connective tissue, and nerves that help support and control the rectum, uterus, vagina, and bladder. The pelvic floor can be damaged by childbirth, repeated heavy lifting, chronic disease or surgery.

Although your primary care physician, Ob/Gyn, or urologist may have knowledge about these problems, a fellowship-trained urogynecologist offers considerable expertise. You should see or be referred to a urogynecologist when you have problems of prolapse, and/or troublesome urinary and/or fecal incontinence or when your primary doctor recommends consultation.

Other problems for which you or your doctor might think about consulting a urogynecologist include: problems with emptying the bladder or rectum, pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, and the need for special expertise in vaginal, vulvar, and/or labial surgery.

After medical school and a four-year residency in obstetrics/gynecology, a urogynecologist must complete a fellowship in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery. This is an intensive, three-year surgical fellowship concentrating on treatment of the entire female pelvis including the vagina, uterus, bladder, and rectum.

In the past, women had to see several physicians to treat different components of pelvic floor disorders. Now, women can see one physician who is trained in managing the entire pelvic floor.

Urogynecologists are specialists in the evaluation and treatment of conditions that affect the female pelvic organs, and the muscles and connective tissue that support the organs. Their additional training focuses on the surgical and non-surgical treatment of non-cancerous gynecologic problems.

What to Expect when Visiting

Welcome to our practice. Our specialty group is devoted to providing you the highest quality female pelvic medical and surgical care available.

You may have questions about what to expect at your first visit.

When checking in at any of our three offices, our service representative will request the following information:

  • Valid, government-issued picture ID.

  • Insurance card and co-payment, if applicable.

  • Name and address of the referring physician.

  • Physician referral, if required by your insurance provider.

  • A completed health history form- Available online (Hyperlink)

  • Copies of other medical records, if appropriate.

  • List of current medications

  • After checking in, a nurse will review any allergies and medications you are taking as well as record your blood pressure and weight.

The doctor will then meet with you to record your medical history. After the doctor has recorded your medical history, you will be examined in a private examination room with both the doctor and nurse present. You will be asked to undress from the waist down and put on a gown.

If you have a bladder problem and/or pelvic organ prolapse (Hyperlink), we may need to test your urine by passing a small catheter into your bladder to collect a sterile sample.

You may need to be examined while standing, as well as lying down with your feet in the supports. You may lose urine or bowel during portions of the examination. This is actually a very important finding, so we want you to be comfortable enough that you are not embarrassed.

Following the examination, the doctor will discuss any test that is recommended, as well as treatments that may be offered to you. When your visit is complete, you will return to the reception desk, where our staff will answer questions about scheduling future tests, treatments, or follow-up visits.

Your comfort is our highest priority as we strive to provide you with the highest quality care. For additional information, please visit the following website sponsored by the American Urogynecologic Society: